Lindau Meeting  
Each year, since 1951, 20 to 30 Nobel Prize Winners accept the invitation to a unique meeting on Lake Constance. Some 500 young students come from all over the world to listen to the Laureates’ lectures and to engage in discussions with them. Intermediaries from universities and research institutions select participants based on strict criteria. Started in 2004, there is an addition to the traditional Lindau Meetings for Nobel Prize Winners in Natural Sciences. Since then the Meeting of Prize Winners in Economic Sciences takes place every two years.

The Lindau Council is interested in bringing young Bangladeshi talents into the Lindau dialogue and through it establish a relation in order to foster their vision of Lindau as a window to the world. Lindau Council would like to reach out to the young Bangladeshi’s, who study/work in or out of their homeland and to give them the possibility of joining forthcoming Lindau meetings.
Interested applicants from related area can apply for the Upcoming Lindau Meeting.